Miracles from Heaven – Movie Review

The story in this movie really sucked me in and I was moved. So I’d have to say that this movie works. I fully entered into the story. As a father to 2 young children what the family was going through felt like something I care about because having your kids go through a horrible disease is almost unthinkable. I don’t consider myself a movie buff by any stretch of the imagination but I thought the acting was very well done, especially the little girl who was the main character. The camera work is good, and the script is solid. I’ve read other reviewer’s suggestions about improvements that could’ve been done to this movie, and while possibly valid, this movie is centred around a true story so I would tend to be more forgiving for the sake of staying true to the actual happenings. It does not feel like a cheesy, poorly executed Christian movie. I finished watching it thinking about the fragility of life and a gratitude for my family’s health.

The story is fairly dark, but they did a good job on inserting light-hearted moments – you have to love the doctor with the Elmo tie who’s there to brighten everybody’s day. It’s definitely not the type of movie I’d generally choose to watch because I don’t enjoy watching suffering and it hits me pretty hard, but I think it is good for myself to do from time to time.

And as for the actual happenings themselves, it’s pretty crazy, and the miracle is such a God thing – Him working in the craziest ways you would not dream up! The fact that the miracle seemingly happened though/as a result of such a traumatic and scary experience isn’t what I would expect. Definitely more worthwhile than so many movies out there!

Great job!

4/5 Paper Movement Stars.

I was able to screen this movie courtesy of Martin-Graf Communications.


Miracles from Heaven – Movie Review

Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher (Chad Norris)

4/5 Paper Movement Stars

For someone who comes from a very conservative, highly non-charismatic church it’s natural to have a lot of flags do up when the subject of supernatural things happening in Jesus’ name comes up. And that’s what this book is about. Oh boy.


Chad’s a very conversational, engaging, ‘human’ writer. He seems like an ordinary guy. You can understand him, you can connect. He doesn’t seem arrogent or pushy. He’s gentle. Whew.


Chad doesn’t hold back with what he believes, yet he makes it clear that he’s not a whack-o who’s gone completely off of the rails. He knows that what he has to say just well may get you immediately writing him off. In fact, he might even be scared about that. Numerous times throughout the book he stresses that he’s not trying to scare you, be creepy and weird, etc. He believes in Christians seeing God working in ways that he believes is biblical, not in ways contrary to God’s Word. So no, no crazy, loud, out of control, mayhem services at his church.

This is a great book to get you thinking and asking questions. Chad doesn’t believe that believers seeing God work in miraculous ways are the chief reason we exist. He doesn’t necessarily believe you’re a subpar Christian because you don’t expect to ever see God work an obvious miracle.

But he wants you to consider it. He wants you to get to know God better. I think he does a great job. You made me think, and it wasn’t that scary. Thanks Chad.

I received a complementary review copy of this book courtesy of the publisher, Chosen Books.

Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher (Chad Norris)