The Complete 101 Collection (John Maxwell) Book Review

Jam-cram-packed with gold. This book is so simple, yet so helpful. It’s chuck-full of useful advice for those who not only want to be a better leader, but even just a more effective, more productive, better human being. This was my first exposure to Maxwell, and I can see why he’s such a popular authority on leadership. The book is a breeze to read, and super easy to comprehend. It’s a lot of common sense. But, as we know, common sense isn’t always as common as we’d like to think. This book is very straight to the point without fluff and filler. The concepts are easy to understand, but there are so many things in here to work on over the course of a lifetime.

This book contains a lot of great advice to help me be both a better employee and manager at my job, as well as things that can help me as a layperson at my church with my various responsibilities. Don’t not read this job just because you don’t view yourself as a “boss”. I am quite certain you can find a lot of super-useful, challenging material to help you grow!


I did a lot of underlining in this book. It’s a book that could be read over and over again with much usefulness gleaned from each read. It’s great too because it covers a wide variety of topics. While it is certainly a big book, it’s a lot shorter than reading 8 full length books!

I enjoyed John’s writing style. He uses a lot of little stories and examples which put some skin on his ideas. There are a lot of relevant quotes from various great men and women. I know some people are quite put off by Maxwell’s statements of faith splattered throughout this work. Personally, I do not find him very preachy at all, and as a Christian myself would’ve liked to see Jesus clearly held up as the undisputed best thing that could ever happen to anyone. That is basically my only criticism of this book. For those wishing John would remove the ‘religious theme’ from this book, you are asking him remove something that is a foundational part of who and why he is what he is.

This book won’t just help make you a better leader, it’ll help you make more of the life you’ve been given. 5 stars. Go read it.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book courtesy of the publisher and BookLook Bloggers.

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

The Complete 101 Collection (John Maxwell) Book Review