I’m Launching A Blog For Kids!

I’m back!

I hope you are all doing well. As you can tell by my lack of content here, I’ve fallen off the book reviewing wagon. Hopefully I can get back to that again in the future.

In the meantime, I have an exciting announcement. I am launching a blog with stories for kids! They will hopefully be funny, imaginative, creative… all that and more. That’s the goal at least.

If you need a resource for fresh stories for your kids at bedtime, be sure to check it out here:


I only have a few stories up, at the time of this blog, but am planning on steadily pumping out fresh content.

Thanks all!


I’m Launching A Blog For Kids!

Intentional Parenting: Autopilot Is for Planes (Book Review)

Relaxed Advice from Lovable, Seasoned Professionals.

I’m not a parent yet, nor have I read any other parenting books previous to this one, but this seemed like a pretty good book to me! With my first child on the way I’m definitely been thinking about parenting and wanting good advice! Hence, I read the book.


The book is written by three authors. To me, I hardly thought of this fact when reading through the book since the tone and feel stays consistent throughout the book. Very organized and readable.

The authors are lovable. Professionals can get stuffy and look down their noses at mere mortals struggling with their wee little issues. Not so with these guys. You can just tell they have experience, they know parenting is hard, children can be challenging, and they don’t have an easy answer for everything. I appreciated that. At the same time they don’t make parenting sound like a hopelessly overwhelming task that you’ll never rise up to.

The one thing that surprised me a bit about the book was some of the harsh examples they condoned at times when talking about letting kids face consequences for their actions. If you were to just read these snippets you might be appalled, but in their context I think you can see what is called ‘tough love’, something many parents are afraid to do.

I think it’s good to remember this book is written by counselors who have seen many serious family issues, so some of their examples and stories are on the extreme side of things. But, perhaps I’m just naïve thinking my children are just going to be little angels! Ha! On the other hand, they’ve undoubtedly worked with many ‘normal’ families as well, and sometimes normal can be crazy.

The book has lots of good solid advice. They use quite a bit of Bible throughout the book. I believe this is Christ-exalting material. It’s not just tips and tricks. It’s about you and growing in your walk with Jesus. I recommend it for all parents, especially those with teens.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes courtesy of BookSneeze.com.

Intentional Parenting: Autopilot Is for Planes (Book Review)