Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (Movie Review)

I’ve listened to a lot of Hillsong United music, especially through my teenager years and early 20’s (which unfortunately was quite a long time ago) so I was quite excited for a chance to check out this movie.

Well, the excitement didn’t last long. The movie starts at a slow pace, leaving you unsure of where it is heading. Time goes on, and, it’s still plodding, not really going anyways, not really saying too much, and I soon found myself wishing it were over. There’s just not much substance here, and the biggest drama is near the end of the movie the band is about to perform a huge concert and they haven’t finished writing the one song they need to play. If that sounds like a bad plot, it’s because it is. I’m not sure that having a plot was even really attempted

The movie just kind of dabbles here and there. There’s some reminiscing talk from the founding pastor of Hillsong, a bit of a look into the private family lives of some of the band, quite a bit of focus on how much the band loves Jesus, and a lot of the movie is spent with live footage from concerts and filling space playing some of their big songs.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what the purpose of this movie was. It doesn’t teach you much about how Hillsong grew from tiny to massive, it doesn’t give you many tips on how to grow a church, or how to have a great worship band, it doesn’t teach you a whole lot about the band members themselves, it doesn’t give you much of an inside look at how the band operates, it doesn’t teach you much about God or the Gospel, and it doesn’t give you a great live worship experience.

As unoriginal as it sounds, a live concert movie would’ve been better than this.  This is just too many different things cut and pasted together into one disjointed, boring piece.  It’s not a great way to experience their music, and it’s not a great way to learn about Hillsong’s history, their music, their people, or their methods. In my opinion, it just lacks much relevant content, and that’s pretty disappointing.

I received complimentary tickets to see this movie courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications.

2/5 Paper Movement Stars

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (Movie Review)