A few facts about Untouchable Children

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This is just a brief post to give you a bit of an introduction into what Paper Movement is working to help end with our cards and posters.

The Dalits, or ‘Untouchables’ are the lowest class of people in India under the caste system. The majority of these people are desperately poor, exploited and powerless to change their destiny.

– The word “Dalit” means “ground”, “suppressed”, “crushed”, or “broken to pieces”.
– There are more than 240,000,000 Dalits in India, 70,000,000 of them are under 18
– There are about 2,000,000 sex slave children in India, almost all of whom are Dalits.
– Only 50% of Untouchable Children are literate.

Because these children are denied opportunity, these children are likely to remain in this vicious cycle of poverty, just like their parents.

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A few facts about Untouchable Children