Sale, Sale, Sale! 30% Off Our Greeting Cards.

Good morning cyber world.

Here at Paper Movement we really like sales. So, we’re doing one ourselves. Use checkout code ‘friday’ and watch the savings pile up. Hint, this would be a great time to get some Christmas cards.

Christian Christmas Card 6 Pack
Set of 6 Cards + Envelopes
Regular Price: $8
Santa Hat Christmas Card
Card + Envelope
Regular Price: $3.75


Sale, Sale, Sale! 30% Off Our Greeting Cards.

Stickman Greeting Cards are here!!!

Our blog has been pretty quiet lately. However, inside the House of Blue gears have been grinding, so to speak. Ink has been spilt. My wife has some serious stickman-drawing-cuteness that I personally am crazy about. From time to time she slips lovely little drawings into my lunchbox. Now, you get to see a taste of her sweetness.

I hope you enjoy.

Check out our entire line of stickman cards, or stay posted here for more!

Stickman Romance Card - Funny - Humor - Love - Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Stickman Greeting Cards are here!!!

Paper Movement – Christian Greeting Cards & Posters Online

Welcome to our brand new blog! Ok, we’re probably more excited than you are. We’d like to share our vision with you, and hopefully you’ll join us. We want to use paper to honour our King, Jesus Christ. It’s that simple – but we need you.

Here’s how Paper Movement works to see this accomplished. We design and sell awesome Christian Greeting Cards and Posters online – delivered to your door for about the same price you’d pay in stores. Every single poster and card we sell makes a difference. $1 per poster and $0.50 per card goes to Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope to rescue the ‘Untouchable Children’ in India.

Visit us online at to browse our products. Paper can make a difference!

Paper Movement – Christian Greeting Cards & Posters Online