I’m a 20-something dude from Ontario, loved and blessed by Jesus. I’m married to a wonderful woman, with the sweetest little son. I put bread on the table by spilling ink on paper at a print shop. Oh, and I love pretzels. Wait, let’s get this right. I love my wife and my boy. I really like pretzels.

My blog serves a number of purposes: an outlet for me to review books and to (duh) blog.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear K. Freeman,

    I saw that you semi-frequently write reviews on books within the Evangelism category on Amazon.

    My father wrote a book titled, Forgive Me For Waiting So Long To Tell You This. This little book was written for Christians to give to their unsaved friends and family. Readers are provoked to think about themselves, Jesus Christ, and their eternal destiny.

    We’ve recently made the e-book version perma-free on Amazon in hopes that Christians can “loan” it to their loved ones providing a respectful and non-confrontational way to share their faith.

    Could I mail you a physical copy of the book to read and potentially review on Amazon?

    Thank you and May God bless you!

    – Elisabeth

  2. Thanks for the offer Elisabeth, but I’ll decline – at this point I’ve got a big backlog of books I want to read and I have to be strategic about what I invest my time in. The book looks like a great idea and has some solid reviews already – I hope it connects many souls with Jesus!

  3. Hi Kory…if ever your “log” gets “un-backed,” consider reading my biographical work, “God Who? From Stranger to Superhero: A Woman’s Journey through Failure, Family and Faith.”

    From sexual abuse and abandonment, to surviving poverty and being re-purposed through a relationship with Jesus Christ, this is the story of Christian women everywhere…the ones we never dare to tell.


    Many blessings and keep your light shining for Christ! Have a Colossians 3:17 kind of day.

    -Merideth Parrish

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