The Drop Box Film – Documentary Review

The Drop Box is a heart-rending documentary filled with both beauty and horror. For myself, it’s the kind of movie I’d honestly rather just not see – not because it’s poorly done or boring, it’s hard to watch because the movie is about some pretty terrible things that shake you. This is not something you watch to be entertained. It’s something to watch to help you realize again how broken this world is and how desperately Christians need to get busy loving people.

Watch this documentary to be challenged by a man’s love for unwanted, unloved babies. Watch him live out his faith. Watch him give his faith legs and make it work. It’s an amazing story. It will make you uncomfortable. It should make you evaluate your own life and the level of sacrifice and selfishness which are manifesting themselves in your own life. For those coming from strong homes it will help you see once again how blessed you are.

The documentary is well done. The camera work is solid. Although the feel is very heavy, there thankfully are bright spots in the film. There are smiles.

The movie itself brings up the issue of concern with what Pastor Lee Jong-rak is doing. Is he enabling parents to just abandon their babies, or is he rescuing babies who would’ve otherwise need neglected to die on the street?

Most of the speaking is in Korean, so almost all of the conversation has to be read in the subtitles. You might get used to this, you might not. What this does is helps to give the film a in-the-trenches feel. The movie is raw and real. See it for yourself.

Very well done and highly recommended. Tremendous story.

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

I received a complimentary advance viewing of this film courtesy of Nuts About Books by Graf-Martin Communications.

The Drop Box Film – Documentary Review

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