Jesus Continued by J.D. Greear (Book Review)

Fantastic, Practical Book

If you think reading this book on the Holy Spirit is going to be mostly unhelpful and irrelevant to your Christian life, think again. There is a lot of meat here. This isn’t a book of cute ideas and theories, it’s the real deal. I was struck by how broad a scope of topics the book covered. I think this speaks to the quality of this book – the Holy Spirit should impact all of how we do life, not just a crazy experience once in a blue moon.

The book is very enjoyable, JD is a great author. He comes across as a very likeable, humble guy (with a great sense of humour) who is passionately serving a big God. He is good at saying profound things in a very understandable, to-the-point manner.

My favourite chapter was probably chapter 8, Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Word of God. While it may sound old hat, there were some great thoughts especially related to discerning God’s will for our lives.

jesuscontI also value JD’s advice to be humble and teachable even when we feel we are being led by the Holy Spirit. “Never claim the authority of God on your words, even if you feel convinced the Holy Spirit might be speaking through you. Prophetic speech in our day never carries the authority or certainty of Scripture, no matter whom it is from. Never.”

I really feel that JD has a very solid, biblical understanding on the Holy Spirit and how He relates to us. If Jesus said that it’s better for us to have the Holy Spirit than Jesus at our side, we should really pay attention. If you want to find out why having the Spirit inside you is so important, read this book.

Highly, highly recommended.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book courtesy of Booklook Bloggers.

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

Jesus Continued by J.D. Greear (Book Review)

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