Bible Study for Busy Mamas. Thirty Days in 1 Cor 13 by Pam Forester (Book Review)

Teaches You How to Study for Yourself in a Non Scary Way


This is a great little book to help you study 1 Cor 13, as well as giving you some tools to apply to further Bible study of other passages . I’d say it’s geared towards women with school-aged children. There are a lot of exercises to do with your children, so if you’re a busy mama with a toddler – you’ll have to skip some of the exercises unless you have an exceptionally advanced little one! It’s still very worthwhile going through, just know that some of the exercises aren’t meant for you to just do alone – although much is.

This book is not a devotional. If you just want to read a book for a few minutes and have your mind blown – you’ll be disappointed. You will have to do some work. She doesn’t just lay everything out. Rather, she sends you digging – leaving you to use other resources and your own mind to learn and grow. That being said, the author is very down-to-earth. This is not an intimidating book. It’s very accessible.

I’d recommend this resource as an especially great way to learn how to study the Bible in solitude without relying strictly on others to spell everything out for you.

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

I received a complimentary review copy of the book courtesy of

Bible Study for Busy Mamas. Thirty Days in 1 Cor 13 by Pam Forester (Book Review)

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