The Spirit Filled Life, by Charles F. Stanley

Great book. It’s not scary. It’s not freaky. It’s not fluff. It’s not weird. It’s practical, down to earth wisdom for broken people who need help. Stanley speaks with humility, and a sense of understanding and familiarity with the wrestle to live a Spirit-filled life. It’s simple and to the point. It’s clear.

So what does Stanley say a Spirit-filled life is?

“The Spirit-filled life is not a formula; it is a relationship, a relationship with a person – the Holy Spirit.”

There are a lot of great quotes in this book that I could put in this review. Simple sentances with big truths. This isn’t a hype-you-up kind of self-help.


So what was my big takeaway from reading this work? The Spirit-filled life isn’t about me being awesome and earning a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Rather, it’s about me realizing my helplessness and letting God work through me. We only bear fruit. We don’t produce it. Ultimately it’s God’s work through us. It’s called fruit of the Spirit for a reason!

Overall, I’d have to say this is an expremelly solid resource useful for any Christian. There are a lot of bad teachings amongst some Christians about how to harness the Holy Spirit’s power, about what a Spirit-filled life looks like, and other man-centred, and just wacky ideas. Other Christians see this and respond to this problem by avoiding the topic almost altogether.

I like that he stresses that a Spirit-filled life isn’t about a dramatic experience, it’s about a life change. This is no pie-in-the-sky read. Check it out! I think at times the idea of humans having a relationship with the Holy Spirit has been overcomplicated. The Holy Spirit can walk with you and be your friend! You’ll be changed. For the better.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book courtesy of the Booklook book review program.

5/5 Stars

The Spirit Filled Life, by Charles F. Stanley

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