Restless (by Jennie Allen) Book Review

If this review seems to be better than normal, props to my wife – she read and reviewed this book. 

In the book Restless, Jennie helps us understand the feeling of restlessness that many of us experience. It is that ache in our souls that longs for more, and we wonder if perhaps God has bigger things for us. Jennie guides us through finding our unique wiring, ‘threads’, as she calls them. These are the things that we have experienced and the passions we have that God has placed in us to accompish his purposes, for his glory. This book isn’t just about finding ourselves, it is about God’s glory and how our lives play into his greater story. Jennie encourages women to dream, to surrender, to love God, and to passionately pursue him and his desire for our lives. She also deals with the things that sometimes keep us from dreaming.


Throughout the book there are journaling pages and questions to help you identify your unique threads, and help you dream about the ways God may want to use you in his kingdom. I found these helpful to identify gifts, callings, and passions in my life that point towards a unique and God designed purpose.

I really enjoyed this book. I love Jennie’s passionate and authentic style of writing. She gets to the heart of issues. For myself, I found it will take more processing to clearly define my gifts and passions, but it is a very helpful book to start that process of finding meaning, fulfillment, and purpose. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to dream and search for more of God in the daily grind of life.

I recieved this book for review purposes courtesy of

Restless (by Jennie Allen) Book Review

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