The People Factor (Van Moody) – Book Review

Image This book has heaps of glowing reviews. I think the value of this book to you will depend on your personality. As an introvert myself, I was hoping for help on both creating and developing friendships. Unfortunately, to me this book seemed mostly geared towards ‘successful’, extroverted people with a lot of influence who have lots of people looking to be their friends, rather than for average shy people who need help in getting more good friendships developed. What I liked about the book: Van helped me to see the importance of being intentional about who I get close to. I tend to think of friendships as just happening due to proximity and interest etc. Rather, we should put some thought and effort into friendships – make some choices that’ll be beneficial to us. He talks a lot about what to look for in a friend, both the pros and the cons. The idea about being thoughtful and actually choosing our friends is a big takeaway for me, and a kick in the pants to make the effort to get connected with people that could make a big positive impact in my own life. What I didn’t like so much: the book seems quite focused on me, and what is beneficial to myself, rather than looking at how to best help others and be a great ‘people person’. Again, for those who are successful leaders, I can see why it’s so important that we choose our friendships carefully and weed out the ones that aren’t going anywhere. We only have so much time and energy – I get that. However, for me myself, this seems like the wrong thing to focus on. I don’t have tons of people lined up for advice from me, wanting my time. I probably need more good friendships to invest my time in instead of hermiting, not to spend my energy weeding the friendships that I do have. A word of caution as well, if you don’t read this book carefully you could get them impression that you shouldnt get very involved with any ‘loser people’. I’m quite certain Moody isn’t saying don’t reach out to them, don’t spend time with them. Jesus spent time with the broken. That’s a pretty well known fact. What I think Moody is saying, is don’t make these people your bosom buddies – because they will likely suck a lot of life out of you. Be smart about how involved and tied to them you become. Overall, it’s obviously a useful book, especially for some. What it does, it does well – this is unpacking how to choose great friends. If you are an extrovert with a wide range of friends, I’d recommend this book to you to help you maximize your time and energy. If you’re an introvert looking for advice on what kind of friends to pursue, this would also be a great read. If you’re looking for tips on developing friendships, I’d think there would be better choices. I received a review copy of this book courtesy of 3/5 Paper Movement Stars

The People Factor (Van Moody) – Book Review

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