AHA (by Kyle Idleman) Book Review

This is a great, simple book largely centering around Jesus’ story of the prodical son coming to his senses. While a lot of readers may not feel that their life has (or is) spun as out of control as the Prodical son, there is still a great message for everyone in this book. I know I sure have a lot of issues in my life that I need to be aware of, and do something about it. This is a book about waking up, making a change, making an effort. It’s about awareness. It’s about running back to our great heavenly Father.

Idleman is an amazing author. He is simple yet profound. He’s the kind of guy I’d love to have in my life. Passionate. Smart. Caring. Real. Human. His sense of humor clicks with me. When you read this book, make sure you don’t miss his silly little footnotes on some of his stories – awesome!

I highly recommend this great read. We all need AHA.

For what it is, I give this book 5 stars. Not because it’s destined to be a classic, but because I think Kyle does a great job with what he set out to do with this work.

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

I received a complementary review copy of this ebook for review purposes.

AHA (by Kyle Idleman) Book Review

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