A Lot of Mud Covered

Mud and the Masterpiece (John Burke)
Book Review

This is a really good book that I find hard to know how to review. There is so much ground/mud covered. It’s just a good, solid read for anyone who wants to grow in their walk with Jesus. You’ll learn about Jesus, you’ll learn practical advice on how to live the Christian life. It’s a very thorough book.

You’ll be challenged. You’ll be encouraged. You might be made uncomfortable. You will be shown grace. You’ll be pointed to Jesus.


The audio version is rare (to me) in the fact that it isn’t nearly flawless like most audiobooks I’ve heard. Not all of the reading hickups are edited out. But that’s perfectly ok to me. It’s not nearly enough to be distracting. I probably noticed less than a dozen mistakes. It is the author reading it, so I appreciate hearing his voice, with his emphasis. It’s a human touch. So, great job on the narration!

I recommend this book, especially for those who like to ready but don’t read much. This book covers so much I think it’ll be well worth your time.

I received a complementary review copy of this audiobook courtesy of http://www.christianaudio.com 

5/5 Paper Movement Stars


A Lot of Mud Covered

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