The Message Remix by Eugene Peterson

I often find myself turning to The Message when I come across a passage that is difficult to understand in my go-to Bible, the ESV. It’s also fantastic to just get a fresh look at a familiar passage. By fresh look, I’m not asking for something new and off the wall, just seeing the same thing with new eyes.


Would I recommend The Message as the only people buy? No. However, I think it’s well worth adding to your collection, and reading this paraphrase often. It’s refreshing. The excellent writing helps the stories and the Message come alive. Peterson has a gifted pen.

For myself, I think of this Bible as more of a super easy to use and read commentary (it’s a paraphrase), as opposed to thinking of it as a ‘translation’. I think if you view it this way, it can be an excellent aid in your Bible study. The one danger to this could be that you dismiss God-given conviction as something that’s just Peterson’s viewpoint. As you can read in other reviews, God can and still does work through this work, it is a Bible.

My one gripe about this Bible is that the pages are quite thin so it can be a bit distracting being able to see type through the pages.

Overall, highly recommended and useful work!

“Book has been provided courtesy of NavPress and Graf-Martin Communications Inc.  Available at your favourite bookseller.”

4/5 Paper Movement Stars.

The Message Remix by Eugene Peterson

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