A Call to Resurgence (Mark Driscoll) Book Review

Not a Book You Write to Gain the Mass’s Love

I liked this book. Many will not.

First of all, here are my biases and what you should know about me as a reviewer. I like Driscoll. His preaching has had a huge, huge impact on my life. Is he right about everything? No. Neither am I or you. I hope his critics realize that Mark has accomplished a lot of amazing things. He’s a passionate man who loves Jesus fiercely. Please consider the good about him before you tear apart the one thing you dislike about him. He’s helped a lot of people. Lastly, I’m not the smartest person who will review this book. I write this review with the viewpoint of an ordinary layman.

What I Like About A Call to Resurgence:

1. It’s straightforward. In typical fashion, Driscoll doesn’t beat around the bush. You don’t have to play mind games to figure out what he is really trying to say.

  1. It’s raw, it’s honest. As someone who is very in tune with his time, Mark presents a lot of insight into where Christianity is at today. He talks about the cost of following Jesus. This isn’t a light, feel-good read. Yet neither is it a ‘sky is falling’ depression-inducing read.
  2. It’s informative, it’s eye-opening. While I haven’t been living under a rock, it’s good for me to hear things about the world from someone with a perspective like this. I think Mark has a lot of wisdom. I appreciated his breakdown of different things that Christians believe, and his quick rundown of some significant events/people in the history of Christianity.
  3. This book covers a lot of stuff! If you read this book you are likely to learn something!

5. I didn’t feel like this book was all about what Mark believes. He presents a lot of information without running a commentary on everything.

  1. Mark doesn’t shy away from talking about hard things, things that give his critics rocks to throw at him. Actually, this time he’s “piled them for your convenience”.
  2. The book’s about God’s glory, not making the church look awesome to the world.


What I’m Not Sure About This Book

Why all this tribal talk? While I found the explanation of all these different Christian groups interesting, I’m not sure what exactly the point of figuring out our tribe really serves. He spends a heap of time explaining what different Christians believe, explaining their strong and weak points, etc. Maybe it’s just a matter of awareness. I’m not sure. It didn’t really feel like a call to believe everything he does.

All in all, this is an informative book worth your time. Not a must read, but a great read none the less. The narration of the audiobook version is fantastically done.

Jesus loves you, it’s true.

I recieved a complementary audio copy of this book for review purposes courtesy of christianaudio.com

4/5 Paper Movement Stars

A Call to Resurgence (Mark Driscoll) Book Review

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