ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible


An answer to the question: “So what?”

These excellent study notes help drive the message of Good News into your heart.

What it does well:

First of all, I love the ESV translation. I’m not a Bible scholar, but to me it seems very readable yet being very accurate to the original languages.

Second: This Bible looks NICE. I like the graphic design work. It’s very aesthetically pleasing. It looks clean.

Thirdly. The notes are simple and generally not-too technical. It’s easy to read, yet not too simplistic.

Fourth. From what I can tell, the references to Jesus aren’t wacky and far fetched.

Fifth. Great, simple, short book introductions. One and a half pages. Boom. You get a great summary in a few minutes.

Sixth. The clincher: it really does point to Jesus throughout. The notes are filled with Good News! Read this Bible when you’re depressed, when you’re sad, when you want to give up, and when you’re flying high. It’s filled with hope, not “do more, try harder, be awesome”.

What it is not:

It is not highly technical, with a commentary on each verse. Rather, it tends to look at passages in their larger context and show how it displays the Gospel. It reads more devotionally. By saying that, don’t think this is full of fluff. This isn’t just for new Christians and non-academics (although definitely great for those who wrestle with studying the Bible). The Gospel is meat. This Bible could benefit anyone!

What I’m not huge on:
The placement of the cross references. The scripture is on the top part of the page, with the notes underneath. The cross references are down here beside the notes. It’s just not quite as convenient to spot the references. It’s a minor issue.

This is a highly encouraging resource, and I highly recommend it.

I especially recommend it to those who find the Bible confusing, depressing, boring, or meaningless. Yet at the same time I’d recommend it to those who love technical works. I think this will be good for you. You can read a passage, read a paragraph of commentary, and Jesus will look big and glorious. Nothing too fancy, nothing to complicated. But oh so refreshing. Jesus loves you, it’s true.

I received a complimentary review copy of this Bible courtesy of Crossway Publishing.

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible

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