10 Great Dates – Book Review

Probably Not Worth Reading If You Aren’t Going to Do It

Depending on what you think of as “a date”, this book might leave you mighty disappointed. Basically, by the word ‘date’ they mean “conversations”. Conversations are obviously a very good thing to have on a date, but for those looking for ‘great’ ideas on what to do while conversing this book won’t help you one bit (unless you’ve never thought of taking your spouse out to eat).


For me, the book could prove helpful since I’m not real good at conversations. However, working through the dates could feel more like an interview than a date, since it means ripping a page out of the book, taking it to your date, and working through the conversations. I haven’t tried any of the dates with my wife yet, but I’d like to.

The book is written quite well and is fairly interesting, but not overly captivating. A minor gripe is what I personally found a little annoying – since the book was written by 2 couples, how the authors always had to explain which of them was writing the personal details.. ie “We (the Arps) did……”, “When we (the Larsons) were first married….”

I think it could be a very useful book for couples who don’t know each other very well and have a hard time opening up with each other, and while it might not seem real valuable for mature Christian couples who know each other very well, there is still very likely some great things that you can learn about yourself and your spouse by working through these dates.

In summary, having gone through the book and not yet having done the dates, I don’t feel like I’ve been rewarded for my efforts. Really, I’d be better off just reading and doing the dates (in the back of the book) than reading through the book with no plan to ever actually go and do it.

Book has been provided courtesy of Bethany House and Graf-Martin Communications Inc.

3/5 Paper Movement Stars

10 Great Dates – Book Review

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