A Wrestler with Something to Say


You might think that a wrestler writing a book would be a bad, bad thing – a man pumped up on pills who is obsessed with his body can’t be too intelligent or have anything of importance to say, can he?


I listened to this book knowing virtually nothing about this ‘sport’, and had never even heard Lex Lugar’s name in my entire life. Am I a wrestling fan? No. Did I like this book? Yeah. A lot. It’s really interesting and well written, even for those who know jack squat about the world of wrestling and wrestlers.

The book focuses more on the rocky journey of Lux’s life rather than zeroing in on too much of the wrestling stuff itself.

The book doesn’t reveal anything too earth shattering that you most likely didn’t know before, but it’s a great reminder that the rich, famous, strong and brave have souls that are searching and hungry.

Who should check out this book? Fans of wrestling, sports fans, and those who enjoy reading stories of “unlikely people” being rescued by Jesus.

The narration of the audio book is fantastic – nuff said.

I received this audiobook courtesy of christianaudio.com for review purposes.

4/5 Paper Movement Stars

A Wrestler with Something to Say

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