The Bible Savvy Series (Book Review)

4/5 Paper Movement Stars

My grade 7/8 teacher had what he called the KISS theory (Keep it Simple, Stupid). That, in summary, is basically what’s going on in this great little series. James has a lot of wisdom about the Bible to share with us. A four book series might seem intimidating, but the books are small and short – about 130 pages each. I’d say this book is geared towards people who are new to the Bible, or have been around it a long time but have never really been able to get into it, or just find it really challenging and intimidating. That being said, the last book (Walk) is great for those who already enjoy studying scripture but have quite possibly put knowledge ahead of application, which is actually a very dangerous thing to do. Really though, there’s something for everyone.

James’ writing style is very simple. The book does not have a textbook feel, it’s super readable. James isn’t out to astonish you with how much of a grip he has on scripture. Rather, he comes along saying “You can do this, let me show you how, let me show you why it matters.” I’m confident you’ll understand him.


Yes, James even uses humour in a book about the Bible. And yes, it’s rather corny at times, but I found him quite funny personally. If you want his jokes to annoy you, yes, they probably will. Change your attitude. That’s a minor point though.

This is a great series because it’s capable of offering something to such a wide audience: the new believer, the skeptic, the cynic, the mature Christian, the educated, the uneducated. It’s a handy little resource that isn’t scary.

You might not leave these books doing everything James’ way, and I don’t think you necessarily should. Sometimes what works for one doesn’t work for all, but there’s a lot of great ideas and helps here. Highly recommended, especially for those who are hungry to learn more about the Bible, and the God of the Bible.

The one dig I’ll take at this series is that it’d probably be quite easy for someone to go through this series and not get that the whole Bible is pointing to Jesus – not our actions. I don’t get the feeling that James is a legalist, but I think he should’ve been more clear about the Gospel.

I received a complimentary review copy of this series courtesy of Moody Publishers.

The Bible Savvy Series (Book Review)

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