Did the Devil Make Me Do It? Book Review

Great information, fair presentation.

3/5 Paper Movement Stars

Starting with the good – the information: To me it felt like ‘middle of the road’ – safe and biblical. He sticks with what the Bible says. This isn’t a nutjob work on the devil by someone who’s infatuated with him and has all kinds of crazy notions. As I read it I generally found myself agreeing with what I was reading. The book is clear and easy to understand.

Presentation-wise it where the book loses 2 stars. First of all – the cover. Ugh. Clipart?! This isn’t 1980. A professional design would help that first impression. Secondly, the book lays out the facts, with the odd illustration stuck in here in there. It just didn’t feel very natural to me.It’s like every now and than Mike realizes he’s been giving a lot of information and it’s time to make us realize that this isn’t a textbook. Than it’s promptly back to the information.


Once again, the information in the book is good, and I’d recommend it for those who are confused about the devil. It’s short enough that getting through it isn’t much of a drag. It could just use a bit more ‘artist’ to it to be called a great book.

I received a complementary review copy of this book courtesy of Cross Focused Media and the publisher.

Did the Devil Make Me Do It? Book Review

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