The Masculine Mandate (Book Review)


I kind of feel like an oddball or that I didn’t read the book right when I don’t really like a book that gets a lot of great reviews – and such is the case here. Usually when this is the case it also largely means that I had a hard time reading the book because it was so boring. Is that the case here? Absolutely.

It felt like he spent the bulk of the book going over why being a man matters without giving a lot of practical help on what that actually looks like in the real world. In a book where the author is trying to help you see the value of his cause it’s very helpful if the author has that way of capturing your heart (in the book kind of way). To be honest, by the end of the book I felt like my relationship with Richard had moved a little south. I started out knowing nothing about him and finished with the sense that he’s a pretty dry guy and not all that likeable. Not a jerk, not arrogant, just not my type. Perhaps this is just me being shallow. Maybe he’s just over my head.

What where my big takeaways from this book? I fear I don’t have any. I know there was truth, I know there were lots of good stuff, lots of things I need to work on by God’s grace. The book was just too dry to get my brain and heart engaged. I waded through it. I’d recommend instead you check out R Kent Hughes work, Disciplines of a Godly Man instead.

The book isn’t out in left field, Richard clearly wants to please God with his manhood. He really does want to help us become more biblical men. I won’t be running too far to read any more of his books if they read like this one. It didn’t connect with me, but it obviously did connect with many other people.

I’d recommend that if after the first chapter you don’t like the book you move on – it probably won’t get any better for you. I wished it would for me but was disappointed.

2/5 Paper Movement Stars.

I received a review copy of this book courtesy of Reformation Trust.

The Masculine Mandate (Book Review)

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