Should Maybe be Called “I, Luke”

I was really intrigued with the idea of reading a book with the Apostle Paul as one of the main characters. Unfortunately, throughout the book Paul is in jail (of course, this is very realistic) so we don’t get a lot of dramatic tension in the Paul half of the story since most of it is read by Luke in Paul’s ‘memoir’. This is interesting, enlightening, and quite well done, but I think it dulls the magic somewhat since most things are in the past tense. The book title implies it’s about Paul, but the book is written through Luke’s eyes, not Paul’s.


The book views the days leading up to Paul’s execution, and I was quite moved by the end of Paul’s life. The Paul part of the story seems very Biblical, and Jerry neatly inserts scripture into the book in a way that seems very natural.

The modern half of the story is ok. There’s some suspense – perhaps it’s just too much speculation & suspense with too little good action. I think that if the action parts of the story would’ve been more dramatic I might’ve had an easier time getting caught up in the suspense.

The book’s alright, I just didn’t find it extremely captivating. I’m left with a pretty neutral reaction to it.

3/5 Paper Movement Stars

I recieved an advanced complimentary review copy of this book courtesy of Netgalley and the publisher.

Should Maybe be Called “I, Luke”

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