Highly Recommended, Especially for Those Who Don’t Like to Study

John, by R.C. Sproul (Book Review)

This is a really fun commentary to read. It reads more like a story than a commentary. It’s very accessible for lay people like myself. The verses from John are right in the book, so you could actually read through this whole book without going back and forth from Bible to commentary.


Commentaries can be really dry. This one isn’t. So if it’s not dry, it’s fun, and interesting..is it worthwhile? YES!

RC is a serious student of the Bible. He’s a wise man. He’s an old man. He’s relevant. This commentary has life, it has flavour. RC does this by inserting some stories/illustrations from his own life, and basically by just being a good thinker and awesome writer! There’s cultural insights, there’s history. He’s good at making John simple but without watering it down.

Do you wish you knew the Bible better but are scared off by technical books that fly over your head? This is a great way to get your feet wet in Bible study! If you are serious about getting to know the Bible better investing in a good commentary for you is a great investment. You want meat, but you want to be able to understand what you’re reading. RC has a gift. He’s sharing. Snatch it up!

4/5 Paper Movement Stars

I received a complimentary review copy of this book courtesy of Reformation Trust.


Highly Recommended, Especially for Those Who Don’t Like to Study

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