Discovering the City of Sodom (Audiobook Review)

What this Book Does it Does Well.

I chose to listen to this book since I thought it’d be interesting to learn what life was like in the Biblical city of Sodom. As a result of this, I was disappointed with the book. However, what the book does do, it does well.

What does this book focus on? Mostly, on the physical location of where the author believes Biblical Sodom lays. Hint, not below the Dead Sea. A whole book trying to prove the location of an ancient city?! Well kind of, but not quite. This is a great book to support (as if it needed any) the biblical account of Sodem and Gomorrah being literally destroyed by God.



Near the beginning of the book they start a story about archeologists, than neglect this story for the bulk of the book, coming back to it in the end. It’s not the most brilliantly pulled off, and I wish they could’ve done it better – it would’ve made the book less tedious for me. It seems like a weak attempt to breathe some life into the pages.

The book seems very well researched. Very informative. However, assuming this is a scholarly work meant to be accessible for non-scholars I’m giving it 3/5 stars due to the presentation not being more captivating.

I received an audio copy of this book courtesy of

Discovering the City of Sodom (Audiobook Review)

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