Fully Alive (Larry Crabb) Book Review


3/5 Paper Movement Stars

Unfortuntately, this book didn’t strike much of a cord with me. This book has some good thoughts, but it is SO WORDY! It seems like he’s saying the same things over and over, but because it’s so wordy it’s hard to know what he’s actually trying to say.

I think the jist of what Larry believes is that our femininity/masculinity is measured by our human relationships. While I would agree that this is important, as well as agreeing that we see a lot of warped views on masculinity/femininity in our world today, I’d like to see a more robust and well-rounded overview of what makes men and women masculine and feminine. Perhaps he’s overcomplicating the issue here. I think you could maybe come away from this book thinking that Larry thinks that the big thing in life we should pursue is to be as relationally masculine/feminine as possible. I have a hard time believing the first question people are asked before the judgement throne is “were you masculine?”.


Perhaps this is a good book, the content seems ok. I don’t think it’s off the wall. Society is confused about gender. The world needs truth. But the way this is presented is confusing and dry to me. If you have a short attention span or don’t like thick books, stay away from this one – it’ll likely bore you supremely.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from BakerBooks, a division of Baker Publishing Group”.

Fully Alive (Larry Crabb) Book Review

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