A Wake Up Call to the Price of Ignorance – A Gem of a Book on Child Raising

The Christian Parenting Handbook
Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller

Why is this book receiving glowing reviews?

Here, in my opinion, is why:

1. It makes sense. The point that they hammer on over and over and over again is that you’re after a change in the child’s heart – not mere behavior modification. Not only do they drill this into your head repeatedly, they give you ideas on how to actually go about doing this, or at least setting up your child’s heart for change. This is so huge.

2. It’s readable and to the point. The chapters are short, about 3.5 pages each. You don’t get the impression that these are arrogant, childless, self-proclamed and idealistic parenting experts.

3. It’s insightful. Man! Ok, this is coming from a dude with his first kid on the way, but I’m sure that a lot of the things in here I would have never have thought of on my own. This is a book I’m quite sure I’ll be revisiting from time to time as my children grow up. There is just so much in here that you can benefit from profusely just by being aware of what your reactions etc are doing/not doing. Take a moment and look over the chapter titles carefully. The chapter titles alone, if looked at carefully have the potential to open your eyes to some things you may never have thought of, or at least until it was a bit late in the game.

4. It’s attention grabbing because it’s so relevant, practical, and down to earth. They can help you with all your children, since they’ll all be different and often need different training methods. Your kids are born little sinners, and you aren’t sinless yourself. It wakes you up to the price of ignorance.

5. It’s Biblically sound. The authors recognize that ultimately God changes people, not us. That is good news!


What arced my eyebrows? The chapter on spanking, of course! If you lean towards a spanking fixes all world problems, check it out. If you say spanking is evil and ruins children, check it out. The idea I garnered from this chapter is that spanking is a tool in your tool chest, not THE tool. Psst… apparently Proverbs talks about using the rod of discipline on a child 5 times, but also using a rod on adults 3 times. Can’t recall a sermon on that one lately, can you?

How to read this book: slowly. I barreled through it since I’m a book reviewer, but ideally I’d recommend reading just a chapter a day or so. That’s only a couple minutes of your time, literally. In fact, barreling through it was kind of tough for me because the book doesn’t have much flow since you get 3.5 pages on an idea than boom, on to the next topic so you’re constantly stopping and starting. Also, it can border on overwhelming if you try and bite off too much because chances are you might get bogged down at all the stuff to be aware of and do right. If you just fill yourself with 50 big ideas in one sitting your head might pop. Thankfully the authors recognize and identify many of the struggles parents go through, and will encourage/help you, even though you’ll never be the perfect parent, and thats ok. Here’s what they say:

“One of the reasons God gave imperfect parents to kids is so we would all long for the perfect Parent. Isn’t it interesting that God has chosen the picture of the family to describe the kind of relationship he wants to have with us? He wants to become our heavenly Father. In fact, that’s the most important element in a biblical parenting philosophy that anyone could embrace.”

Recommended? Very much. Go get it!

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

I received a free review copy of this book courtesy of Booksneeze.com and the publisher, Thomas Nelson.

A Wake Up Call to the Price of Ignorance – A Gem of a Book on Child Raising

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