Captivating Children’s Book

The Boy and the Ocean
By Max Lucado
Paintings by J. Lively Fluharty

4/5 Paper Movement Stars

On its own, the story of this book is very simple: God’s love is always here, it never ends, God’s love is special. I didn’t read this to a child yet, but I plan to once my little one arrives! The book is easily simple enough for young kids to understand. While a book on God’s love being so amazing can seem really elementary, it’s so very important for us adults too, so please don’t plan on learning nothing reading Lucado’s simple story, its a message worthy of steeping in, spending your life discovering.


I’d give the book 3/5 stars for the story by itself. It’s very simple and uncreative. However, the book’s paintings are FABULOUS. I’m sure Lucado never imagined this book being read without pictures to go with it, so it’s probably not even fair to critique the writing on its own since that was probably never the intent.  I can see kids being very intrigued with the visual world Fluharty has masterfully created to go with Max’s story. Don’t buy the Kindle version, you need the colourful pictures! 5/5 stars for the artwork, giving it a solid 4/5 overall. My one critique would be that perhaps Lucado should’ve explored a bit more in this book what God’s love means and why it matters.

Overall a great children’s book, and I look forward to putting it to use!

I received a complementary review copy of this book courtesy of Crossway.

Captivating Children’s Book

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