Ouch, Boom, Bang…Wow! (Accidental Pharisees, Larry Osborne – Book Review))

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

This book packs a serious punch into your spiritual gut! It’s very well written, very interesting, very easy to read, and very thought provoking and practical. It’s also very important.

Larry really opened my eyes to my own life and the things I can easily find myself caught up in not realizing that I’ve become an accidental Pharisee. Despite the often attention-grabbing statements Larry makes,  he writes in a very gentle, friendly and conversational manner.


There’s a lot of strong statements in this book, things that make you stop and see if he did in fact just speak negatively about what you cared so much about. The book moves at a brisk pace, yet he backs up the reason for his comments. You might fear a book attacking Pharisees might be old hat, but I sure didn’t feel like Osborne was beating a dead horse at all.  

This is a very, very highly recommended book for you to read, whether you’re curious about what’s so bad about Pharisees, or are convinced that you’re not one of them. There will likely be things that will hurt, things that you won’t want to believe, things that you think he’s wrong about, and a whole lot of things to make you think and push you closer to Jesus. Read it!

I received a complementary review copy of this book courtesy of Zondervan and Booksneeze.

Ouch, Boom, Bang…Wow! (Accidental Pharisees, Larry Osborne – Book Review))

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