Altar Ego (Craig Groeschel) Book Review

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

Readability: 5/5
Interest Factor: 5/5
Gospel Content: 5/5
Relevant/Motivating: 5/5
Study/Research Put Into Book: 3/5


Craig Groeschel is a gifted, driven, and inspiring man. What I love about him is his ability to make huge, wise and profound statements with just one really simple, memorable sentence that sounds far too simple to be wise or profound. He does it in his preaching, he does it in this book. While some people are tempted to talk over people’s heads in an attempt to dazzle them with their wisdom, Craig displays his wisdom with his ability to make things very clear and simple. I appreciate that.

I was a little skeptical of this book after reading a review that suggested that this was quite self-improvement driven, and of course the fact that he’s the pastor of a huge mega church doesn’t help suspicion. So is it a feel good, self help book? No, I didn’t think that’s a fair assessment at all. Yes, Craig is very driven, and he gets a pile of stuff done. However, I do not remember reading that God’s favor on us is meriting by how we perform for Him. Does God want His children to work, to do stuff for Him? Obviously yes! Altar Ego strives to see us lay down the identity we think we have for the one God has given us through Jesus. It’s an extremely practical book written because of some really amazing facts!

I found that the book got better and better as I kept reading. Here’s my favorite quote from the book.

“If God answered yes to all your prayers last week, if he just miraculously granted everything you prayed, what would be different in the world today?

…I’m convinced that if we really want to make a big difference in this life, we must learn to pray some very bold prayers.”

Coming from Craig, you can expect lots of dramatic stories, some (lame’ish’) jokes, and a whole lot of passion for Jesus. After reading through this book I have grown in my appreciation for this man of God. Great read.

I received a complementary review copy of this book courtesy of and Zondervan.

Altar Ego (Craig Groeschel) Book Review

One thought on “Altar Ego (Craig Groeschel) Book Review

  1. Regina says:

    Interesting – The quote you shared reminds me of “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson, a book I just began reading. He writes about “drawing prayer circles around our dreams” and that being not only a “mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God” but “a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us… God Honors Bold Prayers because Bold Prayers Honor God.” Thanks for sharing, Regina

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