When Love & Submission Ignite (Book Review)

3/5 Stars

The chapter titles make it look like this is going to be a great little book on this topic. Unfortunately that seems to be the strong point in the work.

I didn’t have too problems with Griffith’s statements about love and submission, he just didn’t unpack things enough to make them useful for me. I would like to see some examples, explaining what he’s talking about before moving on to the next piece of advice.

The one bone I’d pick with Ken regarding the content itself is on the chapter on when should women submit? His answer is always. There is no discussion on cases of abuse or pressure to sin. Eeks.


If the concept of a marriage having a loving husband and a submissive wife is familiar to you I don’t think you’ll find much encouragement or help from this book, it just doesn’t flesh things out very well.

I received a free copy of this book for review purposes courtesy of bookcrash.com



When Love & Submission Ignite (Book Review)

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