Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart (Book Review)

Very well written book! As you can tell from the book’s description, the author has some humor. Very readable, very enjoyable. If you’re worried about the title being sacrilegious, be sure to read the book! Despite the humor and lighthearted moments, the book is trying to help us understand a very important issue.


In summary, I’d say the basic premise of the book is that to know if you’re saved you look at the position you’re in now. Plain and simple. We don’t look back at the past to see if we said the prayer like we really, really meant it, if we cried enough, if we were truly sorry, if we really understood the Gospel, etc. No, are you resting in Jesus right now?

I don’t say that to spoil the book, because knowing that shouldn’t ruin your experience one bit. Highly recommended for both young and mature believers! Very useful resource.

I received a free audio recording of this book courtesy of for review purposes.

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart (Book Review)

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