Jesus Is _____. (Judah Smith)


5/5 Paper Movement Stars


I’d like to address some of the criticism facing this book.

1. First of all, from what I see and heard, (I listened to a number of his sermons, and he can PREACH) Judah is seriously fired up about Jesus. When a man with this fervor speaks, I’m sure that there’s much for me to learn. I’m with some of you who at times felt that his tone doesn’t come across as reverential as I’d define it. I’m not God though. Take the book as a whole, not pulling apart the parts. Don’t let style distract you from substance. If you struggle with legalism (and who doesn’t?) your toes are likely to be stepped on repeatedly.

2. Jesus is God. Judah says it numerous times throughout the book. There of course could be value in a chapter devoted to this subject, but please don’t leave potential readers questioning if Judah believes in Jesus’ deity. I’ll prove it. Just before his conclusion page this is what he says:

“To save humanity, God became man in the person of Jesus. In the process, he redefined what it means to belong to the human race.”


3. Cultural References. I highly doubt Judah is trying to write a classic, so why are you critiquing him in this grid? Yes, he uses many cultural references, but I think this generation is the one that Judah is after, so he’s revealing Jesus to them in the best way he knows how. And no, he isn’t talking about Beiber, the Seahawks and Seattle on every single page. There are other general illustrations in the book too. In a couple years some of the references might be lost but the book will still make a whole lot of sense.

4. Depth. Some have complained about the lack of depth in this book. Seriously, look at the cover. Did you expect Calvin’s Institutes? Is the book readable? Absolutely. Is it interesting? Very. Is it funny? Yup. At times it literally (in the figurative way) cracked me right up. His sarcasm might not suit you, but it’s right up my alley. 

Jesus Is ____. is a book about Jesus. It oozes Jesus. It glories in Jesus. To you, that’s shallow?

If the brilliant Apostle Paul decided to know nothing but Christ crucified we should take note. I think we can be guilty of thinking that if a book is hard to read it’s deep. Who says an easy to read book isn’t packed with truth? Judah is gifted at making the Gospel clear and understandable. He’s amazed by grace. He’s pursuing holiness. He loves Jesus. 

Highly recommended. Great for young and old believers, or even the skeptic.

I received a free review copy of this book courtesy of



Jesus Is _____. (Judah Smith)

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