Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey


4/5 Paper Movement Stars

Do you find yourself second-guessing your definition of the Gospel? Do you even have a definition? Is it Jesus’ work on earth? His death on the cross? It it all about free grace? Is it God’s kingdom advancing on earth today? Is it actually bad news about how we have to try to match up to Jesus’ sinless example? Is there one aspect of the Good News that we should hone in on and the rest will just fall into place for us?

Faithmapping is a relatively easy-to-read book tackling and attempting to make sense of these common questions we face about the Gospel, the word we use so much, yet are evidently quite divided over in its meaning. If you’re like me, this book should help you see that your view of the Gospel isn’t too big, but rather it’s much too small.

The book’s well written – the authors are likable, there’s some humor, and there’s a ton of points in here that could change the way you think and live. It’s not dry information intended take up brain space.

My favorite chapter is Chapter 9, Witnesses. For an individual who struggles to be a witness, and admittedly belongs to a church who evidently falls short in this area I found this chapter to be gold. It’s revealing, convicting, and helpful.

What should I reread? Probably the whole book. There’s a lot in here to retain if you want to knock it out in a couple sittings. You’d be best off not hurrying. To pick two chapters to reread, I’d go with Chapter 1, The Gospel of the Kingom, and Chapter 4, Why We Need a Whole Gospel. These are big subjects that even after reading through this book I don’t think I’m able to unpack too well.

I’d highly recommend this book, both to new and seasoned Christians. It’s that good, that accessible, and to borrow from the book’s cover: it’s a Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey.

I received a free review copy of this book courtesy of its publisher, Crossway.

Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey

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