I Am that I Am

Book Review: I Am that I Am. Tracing the Footprints of God by Judy Azar LeBlanc

2/5 Paper Movement Stars

This book has a lot of content. That’s great when it’s a great book. Unfortunately, to me this book falls far short of greatness. It is evident that the author has put a lot of research into her work, however her final presentation leaves much to be desired, and as you read it’s hard to know what the point of the book really is.

First of all, it reads like more like a cut-and-pasted together textbook. A unrefined mix of her academic thoughts coupled with other people’s commentary. The book lacks flow. The book lacks personality and life. If you’re a hardcore Bible scholar much smarter than me perhaps you’ll think it’s awesome. But for the average reader, this will probably be tough slugging with little payback.

Second – and this is more of a publishing issue than the author herself, but the formatting of the book is pretty bad. There’s no excuse for such a crummy layout. Rather than using footnotes to cite her resources they are listed right at the end of paragraphs in the same font/size as the rest of the paragraph. It just doesn’t feel very organic, having http://www.blibberblabjbad/3432984 all over the book! Another suggestion would be to see the Bible exerts in the book laid out in a cleaner looking manner. Basically, getting someone with an eye for graphic design in on the publishing process would go a long way in improving readers’ impression of this work.

Lastly, I just didn’t really feel like I was learning much for the work I was grinding through. Maybe it was just too wordy for my personal preference. Say what you mean, and if you insist on using filler make sure it’s interesting. If that’s what she’s doing and I’m too dumb to get it, I apologize for being so critical.

If you are familiar with Judy’s work and like her style, than check it out, you probably know what to expect. If you’re a layman who loves to read, be warned. There are probably much better books to spend your free time reading.

I received a free copy of this book for review purposes courtesy of BookCrash.com





I Am that I Am

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