Operation Screwtape

Review of Operation Screwtape, by Andrew Farley

4/5 Paper Movement Stars


Where to begin? This book takes on 2 huge challenges.

#1, with the word ‘Screwtape’ in the title, you’re putting your book in the same ballpark as CS Lewis’ great work, The Screwtape Letters.

#2, The subject matter. When you’re talking about the training demons get you want to be sure your theology is rock solid lest you demonize something that might actually be biblical.

Regarding the first issue, this book is marvelously written.  Farley isn’t just stealing a CS Lewis word to give his book some credibility. The man can write! The audio version of this book is absolutely fantastic. Heath is super expressive, even adding some evil laughs. The book is quite captivating. Excellent ‘production’, if you will.

#2 is where honestly, I’m not sure where to place this book. I only listened to this book once (while I was working), and there were a lot of new ideas presented that caught my attention, but since I wasn’t looking at a print book I couldn’t just stop, reread, and see if what was said was actually right.

As I read in a different review, if you need to be spoon fed this isn’t the book for you. He brings up a lot of different issues, gives a very brief explanation, and moves on to the next tactic. This book moves. There’s some ideas here that I’d need unpacked before fully embracing them. I’d just caution that you keep your Bible handy and use it as the final authority. It’s definitely a great resource to jar your brain and get you thinking.

If you’re a thinker or a CS Lewis fan I’d definitely encourage a listen, or better yet get your hands on a print copy.

I received a free copy of this audiobook courtesy of christianaudio.com’s reviewer program.

Operation Screwtape

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