Post-Christmas Christianity

A lot of Christians seem quite concerned about the recent shift away from “Christmas” to “Holiday Season”, or what have you. My question is, have we missed the forest for the trees?

And I agree, it is a huge deal. Pulling Jesus out of Christmas is like snowboarding with no hill, snowboard, or snow. It just can’t be Christmas. Something else maybe, but not Christmas. A holiday. A happy holiday. Happy, but probably not too much joy. As an aside, I’m curious what parents will be telling their kids in a few years – “Only 30 more days until…the…wait for it…holiday!” The Happy Holiday. Now that’s catchy.

Now who’s the great enemy? Is it our enlightened, tolerant, non-offensive post-modern culture? Is St. Nick our nemesis? Is it commercialism? I say no.

So, what is the issue with our modern Christmas, or Happy Holidays, if you will?

Quite simply, often our Christianity looks a whole lot like me, me, me. Me trying harder, me doing better, me being good, me having victory, me struggling, me failing. Me. Me. Me. So why get upset about one day when we’re stealing the other 364 from the King of the universe as well?

It’s all about Jesus. Christmas. Christmas Eve. And every single day in between.

So let’s relax about getting Christ in Christmas, and see if we can’t first get him back into our Christianity. Because without Jesus, Christianity just isn’t Christian.

Post-Christmas Christianity

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