Fully Alive, by Ken Davis (Book Review)

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

What’s not to love about this book? It’s motivational, it’s encouraging, it’s funny, and it’s not filled with insane ideals that you can’t even begin to imagine doing. Ken Davis is human. A real one. He talks to you as a Christian brother.

The title, Fully Alive, captures well the heart of Ken’s message – make the most out of your life. It’s filled with great little stories from his own life, and he shares a lot of great advice about how to get more out of life. And really, getting more out of life means pouring your all into it.

For a glimpse into some content, one tidbit that really stuck out to me as I read through the book is Ken’s simple observation that most of us shy away from breathing hard. An overweight women becomes a slave to her scooter because walking wears her out. Yet work is what she needs. Ditch the chair, start puffing. Start shedding pounds. Park at the far end of the lot, hustle. Even as a fairly healthy young man I recognize that even I would naturally back away from puffing.

There’s so many simple things you can do to a better, more worthwhile exciting lifestyle. And lifestyle is what this great book is all about. Let Ken help you, I don’t think you’ll regret it! Highly recommended, unless your already highly motivated. Even if, you’ll probably still be inspired. Most of us definitely won’t suffer from reading this great work.

I received this book to review courtesy of Booksneeve.




Fully Alive, by Ken Davis (Book Review)

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