Grace, by Max Lucado (Audiobook Review)

5/5 Paper Movement Stars!

Although Max Lucado has been a very familiar name to me for years, this was my first introduction into one of his ‘chapter books for grown-ups’, if you will. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Max is obviously a very gifted, personable, attention-grabbing writer. Some have complained about the book’s simplistic nature. I think in this case it’s a great thing. Christians can be great at making everything so complex. Grace is really important, so why not write about it in a way that’s accessible to the ordinary laymen? If you want something complex I’m sure you can find it, but I’m quite sure that’s not the audience Lucado is targeting here.

The narration for the audio version is excellent, couldn’t have done better myself!

If like me you associated the name Lucado with mini devotionals, Thomas Kincade paintings, and short stories, this book would be a great way to broaden your horizons! Even if you’re already familiar with him, have a listen, and grow in your understanding of God’s amazing grace through Christ.

This review was submitted on behalf of christianaudio and their excellent reviewers’ program.

Grace, by Max Lucado (Audiobook Review)

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