Wrecked, by Jeff Goins (Audiobook Review)

5/5 Paper Movement Stars

Loved this book. Jeff has such a comfortable way of discussing things that are hard – getting wrecked, choosing to see brokenness and getting involved.

The book seems to be geared towards college/university aged students struggling to find purpose, as well as to those who are toying with the idea of getting involved in mission work. However, even if you’re feeling pretty grounded this is a great book to listen to.

While Jeff highly recommends getting involved in outreach, this book isn’t a shame-on-you-for-not-helping-the-homeless. Far from it. It’s an encouragement to be brave, to be responsible, to care, to live and to love – no matter where you find yourself in life.

I love when the author has the reading chops to read his own book to me because I feel I’m getting the nuances of the book that the author intended. Great job Jeff.

This review was submitted on behalf of christianaudio.com and their reviewers’ program.

Wrecked, by Jeff Goins (Audiobook Review)

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