Audiobook Review: Be a Better Dad Today by Gregory Slayton

“As a young man not yet a father but hoping to be one in the future, I was happy to give this book a listen and see what I could learn to prepare me for the future.

First of all, the book does have some good ideas, some very useful and practical thoughts, and I appreciated how he focused on the fact that the father you are is very much connected to the kind of person that you are outside of just being a dad.

However, overall I was quite disappointed and bored with this book. I think this flaw can be blamed on both the author’s uncreative writing and the matter-of-fact narrator.

In the end, I ended up speeding up the process of finishing out the book using my mp3 player’s fast play mode.

One other gripe is how often the author uses this book to push his Facebook page. It started to irk me more and more with each “visit us online at www dot….” With a physical book I probably would’ve easily skipped these sections without a second thought, but with an audiobook it didn’t feel natural.

Even though the book is somewhat dry, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing here for the taking. If you really want to learn or need some good dad advice, there are definitely things you can learn here.

If you’re a dad and you’re only going to read/listen to one book this year, I’d suggest you look for a different book. If you read/listen lots, go ahead and give this one a whirl.

This review has been submitted on behalf of and their reviewers’ program.

Audiobook Review: Be a Better Dad Today by Gregory Slayton

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