The 3 Minute Difference by Wayne E. Nance (Audiobook Review)

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I’m skeptical of self-help books in general, and (a so called Christian) one promising to change your life in 3 minutes really raises a big red flag. I was very captivated with this book from the get-go. Unlike what the title may suggest, Wayne isn’t proposing to alter your life in 3 minutes. Rather, the book is centered around his “3 Minute Survey” which is basically his personality test. (If you get the audiobook, be sure to get online {and your spouse, if applicable} and take the test when you get to the test part of the book since most of the book is based on knowing these results.) The book unpacks a lot of keen insights into different people and how they are wired and why you might have such a hard time relating to certain people, or struggle so much in a certain area of your life.
There’s a lot of profound yet simple nuggets of wisdom packed in this book. Stuff that seems so obvious yet is so overlooked. For example, if you’re overweight, what you don’t need is a diet, you need a lifestyle change – something long term. Wayne is very insightful, and very easy to understand.

The book focuses on 3 Huge North American Problems: Obesity, Finances, and Relationships. Even if you don’t face a huge struggle in any of these areas I’m confident you’ll still learn things.

The book is written to be accessible to people of various faiths. He offers a lot of advice that will be helpful to both believers and unbelievers. Lots of wisdom, lots of sharp observations, lots of good advice. As far as I noticed, the Gospel is unfortunately not presented in this book, although the author does write from a Christian perspective.

The narrarator does an awesome job. As another reviewer stated, he seems like he genuinely cares about you, he’s not reading this book to sell you something.

This review was completed on behalf of and their reviewers’ program.

The 3 Minute Difference by Wayne E. Nance (Audiobook Review)

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