Audiobook Review: Lead Me, Holy Spirit By Stormie Omartian

One may get uneasy with the idea of an entire book focusing on the Holy Spirit. Rest assured, this one is well worth your time – whether you feel you understand the Holy Spirit’s role well, or have a lot of questions/cautions/concerns about Him. In fact, Stormie has written about the Holy Spirit in a way which parallels how we are to live in relation to the Spirit – He is involved in every area of our life. He is the Helper. This book isn’t about crazy, freaky things, it’s about living the Christian life. Stormie has much insight to share in her practical, pleasant manner.

One of the great things that I appreciate about Stormie is that she herself seems to be living what she’s writing about. I found her words encouraging, not condescending. She helps the listener to realize that the Spirit is accessible to all Christians, and being led by the Spirit is important for every Christian, not just the “super-saints”. 

This book isn’t about finding the Holy Spirit as the new god you’ve been missing, rather it’s about living for the One True God with the Help He Himself has so wonderfully provided for us. I believe this book has much potential to grow you in your walk with Christ. Grace is in here, the cross is in here. Highly recommended. 

*This review was submitted on behalf of christianaudio’s reviewers’ program.

Audiobook Review: Lead Me, Holy Spirit By Stormie Omartian

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