Walk With God – to be continued

A couple of Christmas’s ago I received Chris Tiegreen’s book “Walk With God” from my then girlfriend’s parents, now my in-laws. Historically, I haven’t found devotional books overly useful, but that’s probably a reflection on my spiritual immaturity just as much as on the books. This one, however, seems different to me. I’ve been going through it, and it’s great. Simple to read, profound, hard hitting and thought provoking. I’m a highlighting, underlining kind of guy, and pretty much every single page of this book so far has deserved some marking up – love that!

For this post I’ll just give you some lines, straight off one page from a few days ago.

“We serve an unpredictable God. He is not unreasonable, and He is not inconsistent, but He is unpredictable. No human has ever fathomed Him ways. As much as we try to make the spiritual life of discipleship a formula – and check out the shelves of your local Christian bookstore if you don’t believe we have done that – God will change directions on us. Why is that? Does He enjoy being elusive? Does He like to taunt us by always staying out of our reach? No, God does not tease…

He is not a formula…

He does not let us get into a habit of obedience-by-memory that does not engage the spirit…

We cannot memorize Him, we cannot learn His principles apart from His person, and we cannot substitute His Law in place of His Spirit…

The disciple who says, “The God who led me five miles yesterday will lead me five miles every day,” does not know the God he serves. He’s into religion, not faith. There’s a huge difference.” ”

Hard to get a grip on? Yes. Beautiful? I think so.

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Walk With God – to be continued

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